Berlin, 10 - 13 September 2013


Mark-Jürgen Berneburg
Tübingen, Germany

UV and DNA damage: From molecules to the clinic. What does this mean for primary prevention?

Eckhard Breitbart
Buxtehude, Germany

Effectiveness of skin cancer screening programs

Véronique del Marmol
Bruxelles, Belgium

Dermatology-led European campaign against NMSC and Melanoma

Thomas Diepgen
Heidelberg, Germany

When is skin cancer an occupational disease?

Karen Glanz
Philadelphia, USA

Effectiveness on skin cancer prevention programs

Adèle Green
Herston, Australia

How to design a good study: Secrets from epidemiology

Adèle Green
Herston, Australia

Latest evidence to prevent skin cancer, key contributors that add to the risk of melanoma and skin cancer more broadly

Robyn Lucas
Canberra, Australia

Vitamin D and Skin

Uli Osterwalder
Ludwigshafen, Germany

UV-Exposure sun protection

Line Rasmussen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Effective skin cancer prevention in practice

Craig Sinclair
Carlton, Australia

Influencing sun protection behaviour – Lessons learnt, future directions

Eggert Stockfleth
Berlin, Germany

What happens if prevention fails, it will go into Actinic keratosis and field cancerisation

Christian Surber
Basel, Switzerland

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