Berlin, 10 - 13 September 2013


Berlin is a dynamic, cosmopolitan and creative city and the capital of Germany. East meets West, tradition and innovation coexist in the metropolis at the heart of a changing Europe. Berlin is characterized by its turbulent past. Since the unification twenty years ago the city has risen to the urban and environmental challenges of rebuilding itself.

Please read about some interesting sights and places of the city which you should not miss during your stay in Berlin.
Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate is the true symbol of the city. Because it was situated in the no man's land just behind the Wall it also became a symbol for the division of the city. After the Wall came down, the Gate was reopened and the passage freed on December 22, 1989.
Checkpoint Charlie
The "Museum House at Checkpoint Charlie", located right next to the legendary Checkpoint Charlie border crossing which and founded in 1962, hosts testimonials and exhibits from the 28 years of German division. The museum shows the history of the Berlin Wall, original objects from successful escapes under, over and above the ground.

East Side Gallery
On the longest preserved section of the Berlin Wall (1,3 km), 118 artists from 21 countries have painted several pictures, which is now a listed landmark.

The Holocaust Memorial
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in the centre of Berlin is Germany's central Holocaust memorial site, a place for remembrance and commemoration of six million victims.

Jewish Museum Berlin
The impressive building of the Jewish Museum Berlin was designed by Daniel Libeskind. The permanent exhibition traces ups and downs of German-Jewish history from the Middle Age to the present day.

The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche or Memorial Church on the famous Kurfürstendamm is the internationally famous symbol of Berlin's desire to rebuild itself in the aftermath of the war.

Nerfertiti and the Egyptian Museum
Nerfertiti and the Egyptian Museum have finally returned to its historic location in the "Neues Museum". Do not miss the opportunity to visit this outstanding newly renovated art temple.

Nightlife and Bars
Berlin's legendary night life offers everything for everybody. There is always something new to discover in the various clubs with their new music and styles. In the city's clubs and bars the party never stops. And: the renowned British magazine "DJ Mag" elected the Berghain the world's best techno club.

Potsdamer Platz
After the Fall of the Berlin Wall the area around the Potsdamer Platz became the biggest building site in Europe. Since the area was cut through by the Wall, the wasteland decayed into a no man's land in the heart of the city. Nowadays the Potsdamer Platz provides a mix of restaurants, shopping opportunities, theatre and cinemas and is one of the most popular attractions of the New Berlin.

Berlin has more than 3000 restaurants guarantee that everyone's taste will get satisfied: no matter if you would like to try the city's specialty Currywurst (curry sausage) or if you would like to enjoy international delicacies.

TV Tower
The TV Tower is the highest building in the city and one of Berlin's biggest attractions. Its total height is 368 meters: the viewing platform is at a height of 203 metres. One level above the Telecafé, which rotates on its own axis, gives the opportunity to drink and eat while enjoying the view.

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